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The Heat Pump Store specializes in the sales and installation of ductless heating and air conditioning systems. Ductless Heat Pumps are all we do and we do them right - the right equipment, the right applications and the right people! Our business was founded in 2007, and our first work was in Monmouth, Oregon with a pilot program sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration and Monmouth Power & Light. This pilot project helped provide important energy efficiency data to the regional utility programs. Since 2007 we have completed over 10,000 ductless installations! The Heat Pump Store works with local utility rebate programs and ductless manufacturers to help make ductless heat pumps the smartest choice for home comfort. Let our expert Ductless Applications Specialists introduce you to this efficient and innovative HVAC technology. Having trouble with your ductless system? We have an incredible service team that has gone through rigorous training and education. Our service technicians are able to solve any ductless issue!