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Excel Electric specializes in residential and commercial electrical services and they are dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none.
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''At Solar Panels Eugene, we are passionate about the renewable energy industry and want to know our knowledge and expertise with the community around us. We believe that solar energy can transform the way Eugene and Salem, Oregon power its homes and businesses, and can ultimately save money and resources in the long run. With solar panels that are able to generate and transform sunlight, we’re aiming to set Eugene and Salem up for success long term through eco-friendly, durable energy solutions.Solar energy has been around for some time, but only in recent years has it started to increase in demand. Solar energy has numerous benefits that can change the way we access renewable energy in the environment. Solar panels making doing so easier. Solar panels are often installed on the roofs of homes or businesses to attract direct sunlight and convert it into energy that can be made available for interior use. Solar energy has the capability to power all kinds of everyday items, such as appliances and lights, and does so at a lower cost than other forms of energy. Over time, you’ll likely notice a decline in your energy bills completely.''